Integrative Pain Relief Therapies, Inc.
                                   Linda L. Millek, M.Div., BS, CMT, ADS, C.Ht.
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Nancy Smith said:   July 3, 2012 5:27 am PST
I am supporting Linda's cleansing treatments that have changed my life. I feel better immediately after all the toxins are removed from my system. Aches and pains have disappeared and I usually sleep the best after a treatment! Keep up the great work!! Nancy Smith, Grounds Maintaince Manager

Karin L. said:   July 3, 2012 5:22 am PST
My first meeting with Linda left me with an impression that we shared similar visions for the world. Through her eyes you can see a depth of understanding about what we came to this planet to do. She knows and shares the great peace that comes through love. She encourages every life she touches. Her ability to speak for our guides and angels is striking. She has been given gifts that she gladly gives with grace to others. If there was one word to express her Being it would be Joy. Karin L., Teacher for Developmentally/Emotionally Impaired Children

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