Integrative Pain Relief Therapies, Inc.
                                   Linda L. Millek, M.Div., BS, CMT, ADS, C.Ht.
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Linda L. Millek is a graduate of Sancta Sophia Seminary with a Master of Divinity in Esoteric Philosophy and Religion and Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in both Sociology/Social Psychology (Alpha Kappa Delta) and Criminal Justice (Alpha Phi Sigma), with experience in the fields of Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Critical Incident Debriefing, Substance Abuse Assessment, Diagnostics & Referral, Research, and Grant Writing.  

Linda also received a Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health from Western Michigan University a
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s owner/operator of Integrative Pain Relief Therapies, Inc. a practice dedicated to holistic health through education, counseling, and wellness services.

Linda is a Certified Massage Therapist whose focus is on pain relief.  Utilizing her skills and ongoing training she both educates and provides relief to her clients through various means including:  massage, neuromuscular reeducation, cranial sacral therapy, myofacial release, lymphatic drainage, psychosomatic release, and other techniques; in addition to auricular acupuncture, biofeedback and far infrared technologies, ionic tissue detoxification, light, sound and color therapies, hypnotherapy and Journey work. 

Linda also provides nutritional and wellness counseling and prides herself on the referral network she has established over the years to meet the needs of each individual client in both the fields of Holistic/Alternative Health, as well as Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine.
Linda is an empowerment professional and certified hypnotherapist completing training in clinical techniques, medical hypnoanalysis, hypnoanesthesia, regression therapies, as well as advanced induction techniques.  Hypnotherapy has proven beneficial in relief of chronic pain, weight loss, smoking cessation, sports performance, past traumas, and stress reduction, as well as elimination of allergies, phobias, and fears.  Hypnotherapy may also be effective for learning disabilities, depressive disorders, anxiety, addictive and other behavioral modification, as well as ADHD. 
Linda has completed the Practitioners Program with "The Journey" a guided imagery technique for awakening, healing, transformation, and change. 
As an Ordained Minister with The Coptic Fellowship International, Linda provides personal and spiritual counseling, in addition to bereavement services, educating clients, her goal being "to empower others by providing tools for growth and change".
Linda is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Medical/Spiritual Intuitive who provides services in person and via Skype, as well as lectures and facilitates workshops related to holistic wellness and the healing arts in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and is available for group engagements upon request. 
Linda has been a volunteer with Borgess Visiting Nurse and Hospice providing bereavement support services, expressive art therapy, and massage; in addition to the Van Buren County Domestic Violence Coalition, Inc. fund raising in Van Buren County, Michigan.
Linda received a Senate Declaration of Honor from the State of Michigan in 1997 for her work in the establishment of The Domestic Violence Coalition, Inc. a nonprofit organization providing services to victims of domestic and sexually related violence in Van Buren County, Michigan acting as fiduciary agent/and parent organization under The Kenneth B. Detwiler, Jr. Free Spirit Memorial Foundation, while awaiting non-profit status.  Linda also acted as founding grant-writer and liaison between area agencies and administrators to complete the COPS grant in a joint effort to make the DVC, Inc. a reality. She also wrote a 501c3 status for a local Lions' Club in 2010.  

Linda is Executive Director and founder of The Kenneth B. Detwiler, Jr. Free Spirit Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit foundation established (1994) to serve Van Buren County and surrounding area residents and organizations, in memory of her

Linda is an author and speaker who has been interviewed on numerous radio programs over the past several years, she is currently completing a manuscript for publication entitled:  "Guided by Grace ~ I AM!"  where she shares her journey and discovery of Something Greater  than herself, Something larger and more delicious than anything she could have imagined; this Something she has come to know as Grace.

Several of Linda's photographs as well as philosophy of how Grace works has been featured in Best Selling Author Dr. Wayne Dyer's recent book: "Wishes Fulfilled" (Hay House 2012), as well as on "The Experiencing the Miraculous Tour"  (DVD series), both of which are available through Hay House Publishing.
Master of Divinity
-Sancta Sophia Seminary

Bachelor of Science
-Western Michigan University
Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health
-Western Michigan University
Medical Massage Therapist
-Blue Heron Academy of Arts & Sciences
Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist
-Nationally Board Certified/NADA
 Certified Hypnotherapist
-Infinity Institute International/IMDHA 
-Sutphen Seminars
 Reiki/Master Teacher
-Usui Lineage
-Coptic Minister
-Coptic Fellowship International

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